Think of Me

Moving from east to west and back, the windows of a bus frame fleeting sections of urban landscape. Throughout the day, images of riders, textures of light and fragments of bodies in space come together to weave a portrait in motion; a contemplative meditation on public transport in the city of Los Angeles. Isolation, routine and everyday splendor, create the backdrop of this journey, while the intermittent sounds of cars construct the soundscape.

The Rat Tamer 1996

In this Aussie prison drama directed by Kate Woods, no one can explain why inmate Kevin Jones (Hugh Jackman) arrived at Blackstream Penitentiary with brain damage and horrible bruises on his body -- least of all Kevin. Can a jailhouse psychologist (played by Deborra-Lee Furness) help Kevin regain his memory, or will it take an act of violence to bring out the truth? The film's cast also includes Richard Piper and Sue Jones.

Go there — I don' know where, find something — I don't know what 2014

10 June 2013 with a budget of 100 rubles a day, hoping to hitchhike, I went from Obninsk Russia to the east. The ultimate goal was Vladivostok. Had to overcome a distance of 9200 km. During the time I was not restricted. With people, you see, I spent a few hours with someone a few days, but none of them I did not know until this trip

The Sound of the Violin in My Lai

A short film that examines the history and legacy of the My Lai massacre, an incident of the Vietnam War in which hundreds of Vietnamese civilians were massacred by U.S. Army soldiers.

One step beyond 1988

Short feature film, filmed in 1988. One of the first works of the film director Alexei Balabanov, at that time an assistant at the Sverdlovsk Film Studio. The film is a course work, filmed while studying at the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors; the materials of the film became the basis for the thesis work of the director, the film "Nastya and Egor" (1989).

Ilfipetrov 2013

To ensure that the viewer guessed in the name of Ilfipetrov that Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov were separate, the authors collected an impressive evidence base: live testimonies were obtained in Moscow, Odessa, Yaroslavl, Paris, New York; in the exact repetition of the route of "One-storied America", in miraculously preserved family archives.

Written by Sergey Dovlatov 2012

Everything that matters to Sergey Dovlatov, one way or another written by the writer Sergey Dovlatov. From fragments of works, letters, interviews, editorial columns, a story about a living person is compiled.

Adam Khor 1991

Horrible hairy behemoth on a gruesome rampage in this wild Pashto shocker (

Isra and the Magical Book 2016

When the nine year old Isra goes on a school trip, she winds up in a magical library. There, she finds out that a young boy is held captive in one of the books. In an attempt to save the boy, she starts an adventurous journey into a magical world.

Project 4K77 1977

Restored in 4K UHD from original 35mm prints, the Star Wars you know and love in its original theatrical version is finally available in the best quality possible. Worked on by dedicated fans for over a year, this is the definitive Star Wars fan project.

On the Way Home 2011

This story is about a journey, a relationship and returning home. He has already been driving his truck for twenty years throughout Russia while she waits him at home. He is alone on the road. She is together with her beloved pet, faithful friend and protector Irbis. This could continue for longer if he was not terminally ill.

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