Come And Take It

"Come & Take It" captures the transformation of a young woman to leadership of America’s most irreverent anti-gun violence movement called #CocksNotGlocks. After concealed carry of handguns is legalized on the University of Texas campus, Jessica Jin posts clever humor on social media and with the help of a tight-knit group of young female students, a movement is born: The Great Texas Dildo Revolt.

Into My Life

Growing up in the largest affordable housing cooperative in Brooklyn, Cassandra’s world was artfully framed by her mother’s Super-8 camera. Today, still living in the same place, Cassandra examines and edits these remarkable films, gaining insight into the challenges her mother faced as a creative black woman and the importance of her vision.

Love Express. Przypadek Waleriana Borowczyka 2018

A documentary celebrating the work of Walerian Borowczyk, a director of unparalleled sensitivity, revered in the 1970s, who was later labeled as a maker of erotic movies.

Los apuros de mi ahijada 1951

Irresponsible playboy-type needs to cut down on his nightclubbing and his expensive women-friends and buckle down to his Uni studies. Meanwhile, his godfather...

Los amores de Marieta (los fabulosos 20s) 1964

Young woman and her godfather make up a story about her past in order to trick a suitor into marrying her. Then she becomes a musical comedy star and Mexican Revolution.

Blueprint for Bronzeville

When Chicago decides that its legendary African-American neighborhood Bronzeville will host a doomed Olympics Bid, housing activists swing into action. But with the spotlight upon them, can they get a commitment for affordable homes?

Retratos Para Você 2017

A Chinese girl meets a foreigner who came from far away. She tells him about her story, her life and her descendants. She and her family welcome the stranger. Until the time comes for him to return to his land. They need to say goodbye, not knowing how long that goodbye will last.

Sob o Véu da Vida Oceânica 2017

Hey, you, human who reads this synopsis. Yes, you who complain about time and death. Of love and of existence. Today is your lucky day: my life is much worse. And it lasts only six minutes.

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