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Complete Unknown

You are who you say you are.
Complete Unknown
Tom’s birthday dinner party is turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of Alice, an old flame who changed her identity and vanished without a trace 15 years prior.
Title Complete Unknown
Release Date 2016-08-26
Genres Drama Mystery Thriller
Production Companies Great Point Media, Parts and Labor, Heron Television
Production Countries United States of America


**A woman with many faces!** No doubt this was wrongly labelled as an average film. The title, the story, the performances, all stood to my expectation. I jumped into it prepared for another boring film. Indeed, it was a slow narration, at least in the initial parts. That twist in the early mid sect unleashed the bright side of the tale. Not knowing what to expect, I thoroughly got entertained for the rest of the film. It all was a day event. In fact, most of the story happened on one night. Though for a brief moment in the opening, they have shown us events from the different timelines. Just to convince us. Alice, who befriended a man while in the lunch, decides to attend a birthday party of his friend with him. But that night the things change as some secrets about her was revealed. Then event takes a different path with different adventure revealing more about about her. Yeah, everybody saying they saw it for Shannon, but for me, Rachel Weisz the reason the film looked so good. It is one of the underrated film of the year. It was unique. Probably less familiarity compared to any film. So not easy to predict the story. The suspense made me so curious and kept my eyes wide open till the end. I would like to see the other side of the story, probably in another film/part/sequel. Seems that's a very interesting aspect. Don't consider what the film critics say, it's definitely worth a watch. _7/10_

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