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Family Weekend

If a family doesn't stick together, sometimes you have to use a little tape.
Family Weekend
A 16-year-old girl takes her parents hostage after they miss her big jump-roping competition.


**Time for parents to learn some lessons!** First thing, it was not your a typical film. Though it lacked the proper story structure. The concept seems silly. Like only for cinematically happenable. Since it is not about so serious, they had to cover all scenes, events within its classification, which were not bad actually. But the thing is, it is an R film with the majority of the cast was children. In reality, most of them were in their 20s, but the story wise, they are teens. A teenager decides to take hostage of her parents to teach them some lesson for not attending her sporting competition. Her siblings join, and a couple of outsiders too. It was not a well planned event of the weekend, so some unexpected turn takes. But how it all ends, the consequence of such undertaking, all told is the final quarters. A unique and an entertaining film. Despite lots of fun, there are some serious side too. Like awareness about the family unity. Being there for one another in all circumstances. Some viewers might get emotional too. In one of the scenes with a knife in the mouth, I scared that something bad could happen. Olesya Rulin was good. I hope she does more films in the lead. The film was four years old, so Joey was younger than her recent films I've seen. She's one of the next big star. Watch it if you are bored of regular comedies, yet still it is just an above average. _6.5/10_

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