The Verdict 1964

A racketeer, deported back from America, faces murder charge and hatches jury rigging plot with accomplice. Cross and double-cross follow.

The Lone Wolf in Mexico 1947

In this entry in the enduring series, the suave jewel thief finds himself helping the police break up a ring of diamond smugglers. Along the way, he winds up accused of both robbery and murder.

Traitor Spy 1939

A British man is hunted by British and German spies when he tries to sell blueprints.

A Long Journey Toward Death 1968

Juan is subjected to shock treatment in the hands of Dr. David, and apparently is able to resume a "normal" life. He and his wife María make dolls in a workshop attached to their apartment in New York. However, John does not heal and he starts looking for the nurses to murder them.

La calavera negra 1960

La Calavera Negra concerns a bunch of small Mexican town who must contend with a mysterious, disruptive figure known as the Black Skull. Many different people attempt to uncover the truth behind this frightening phenomenon. (Rotten Tomatoes)

The Woman in Room 13 1932

A 1932 American mystery film directed by Henry King and written by Guy Bolton and Max Marcin. -From

I Killed the Count 1939

Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Davidson is trying to determine who murdered the much-hated Count Matton. The dilemma isn't that the Detective is suffering from a lack of witnesses but that four different people have come forth to confess to the killing, each of them with plenty of motive and opportunity.

Shinjuku Boy Detectives 1998

n the streets of ultra-modern Shinjuku, Sosuke,a young would-be detective, all of a sudden attacked by a monster robot and falls unconscious. Determined to unravel the mystery, Sosuke joins forces with four members to fight against the robot. Will they be successful?

Parthenon 2017

A naked body moves a stranger to empathy. Inspired by The Kuleshov Effect, a dizzying provocation on art and objectification.

Kohraa 1964

In this re-imagining of Du Maurier's Rebecca, a recently wed woman discovers the ghost of her husband's first wife still haunts their home.

It's Not Her Sin 1959

After the man who nearly killed her is brought to trial, Eun-hie finds that she must take the stand to give evidence. However, the defense attempts to turn the tables on her by revealing her sordid past and trying to make it seem as if she deserved what happened to her.

The Arizona Kid 1930

The Arizona Kid (Warner Baxter) carries out his mission as a Robin Hood-type bandit while posing as a wealthy and carefree miner. He falls for an eastern girl, Virginia Hoyt (Carole Lombard), accompanied by presumably her brother, Dick Hoyt (Theodore von Eltz), actually her husband. The Kid's mine is raided and two of his friends are killed and he learns that Dick and Virginia are the culprits...