Kindling 1915

Pregnant tenement dweller Maggie Schultz is being used by burglars....

My Buddy 1944

A priest relates the tale of his friend, a WWI veteran, to the Post-War Planning Committee. Unable to get a job upon his return from the war, he puts off his marriage and works for a bootlegger. He is forced to take a rap for his boss, goes to prison, and forms a gang.

Her Favourite Husband 1950

While casing a bank he intends to rob, gangster Leo discovers one of the clerks, Antonio, is his exact double. He kidnaps Antonio and robs the bank, posing as Antonio. But Leo hadn't accounted for the involvement of Antonio's wife, Dorothy.

Radio Cab Murder 1954

Fred Martin, a taxi driver who is a reformed convict, is used by the police to go undercover in order to help catch a gang of safe robbers. However things start to go wrong when the police stake out the wrong bank and Fred finds himself alone with the crooks.

Killer Dill 1947

Door-to-door salesman Johnny Dill, the exact double of a notorious gangster, finds himself struck between the forces of good and evil.

Sabotage Squad 1942

A police lieutenant and a patriotic professional gambler, rivals in life and love, combine efforts to corner a gang of Nazi saboteurs operating out of a barber shop, in which their mutual girlfriend works, and unmask its secret leader.

No Ransom 1934

In this family comedy, the wealthy executive of a steel company must endure life with a strict, teetotaling wife, a wild daughter, and a deadbeat son. To gain some much needed attention, the lonesome fellow hires a hitman to kill him. Instead, the gunman kidnaps him to frighten the family into appreciating their devoted father.

The Challenge 1962

Kuroki, a journalist is investigating clandestine arms sales in Southeast Asia. He discovers that the man behind the illegal arms trading is also involved in the cover-up of the destruction of an American base during the allied occupation.

The Mysterious Mister X 1936

The eccentric owner of a chateau, Lord Wilford, is fond of everything that is connected with criminal cases. His passion takes up so much time that even his secretary hardly has time to see her fiance. When mysterious letters arrive, announcing that a certain Mister X wants to steal a valuable statuette, the Lord is very enthusiastic. Apparently he himself will now experience a real criminal case! His secretary persuades him to hire a famous detective from London - none other than her fiance. But he is far from being a talented detective, and when a valuable pearl necklace disappears, the fiance falls under suspicion to be the thief.

Kick of Death 1997

Shane MacQuade is a rising star in Hong Kong's underworld kickboxing rings... until he wins a fight he was supposed to lose. Framed for murder, running from both the Triad mob and the police, Shane escapes to America. There, a chance encounter with a professional hitman in the Nevada desert ends with Shane taking the man's identity and his life. Shane finds that the violent world he left behind in Hong Kong is too strong to escape. A crooked Las Vegas fight promoter and a stripper named Angelique draw him into a web of sex and murder that will test his martial arts skills to their limit and change his life forever.

No Place for a Lady 1943

William Gargan and Margaret Lindsay, stars of Columbia's "Ellery Queen" series, were reunited for the like-minded comedy/mystery No Place for a Lady. Gargan plays private eye Jess Arno, while Lindsay is Jess' ever-faithful, long-suffering fiancee June Terry.

Four Shall Die 1940

Helen Fielding, heir to the fortunes of the late millionaire Roger Fielding, Sr., has broken off her relationship with the unscrupulous Lew Covey to pursue a romance with reporter Bill Summers. Covey, determined to get at Helen's inheritance, vows to win her back.