С дъх на бадеми 1967

A hairdresser Gerda has an affair with Dr Nikodimov, a married man past his prime. Savarinova has had her hair done by Gerda in fashionable style. She is ill at ease at a family party. Her sister Mina has been the cause of her anxiety, because the young scientist Belokozhov prefers young and unaffected Mina. They go out to the park and have fun by themselves. Meanwhile, Nikodimov goes to see Gerda in her flat. She tells him what has been preying on her mind during their liaison. Nikodimov's wife comes there but he turns her away. He tells Gerda that he will move in with her for good. Heartbroken, the girl turns him away. Nikodimov goes to the hospital. In his office, he takes out an ampule of cyanide and drains it with a resolute gesture. Mina and Belokozhov discuss love in the park. It starts raining. Laughing, a boy and a girl walk towards the dawn.

Ellame En Pondattithaan 1998

Ramki moves to the city to stay at his aunty Radhika's house. Radhika is married to Manivannan, a politician, who forces Radhika to nominate herself for the regional MLA position. Radhika initially refuses the chance but later gets convinced by her nephew to stand in the elections. She later becomes a MLA and wants to help and serve the people. On the other hand, her husband wants to take bribes, misuse power and become rich.

Me, Gangster 1928

There are excellent dramatic performances by Carole Lombard and June Collyer (both of them better known for comedy roles) and a genuinely impressive performance by Don Terry in the lead role, leaving me to wonder why this actor never went on to a significant career.

A Deadly Night 1964

A young woman returns home from a funeral and becomes embroiled in murder, missing money, a drug syndicate, a police investigation and a mysterious killer who goes by the name of "Vampire Wolf."

The Private Police 1969

After the war, Kijima (Bunta Sugawara) returns to Tokyo where he meets Ôba (Noboru Andô), an Ex-Kamikaze pilot, and the two ruffians gather hooligans to join their group. In Ginza, the Togawa gang have taken over Sakurada's territory. After several fights Kijima and Ôba gain control of the territory by chasing out the notorious Togawa Group in the name of Sakurada. But Kijima is arrested for assaulting an American soldier. A few years pass. Kijima has served his prison term and the sears of war have been erased from Ginza. Ôba is now president of a company specializing in collection of bad debts, cheque frauds and everything that means money. People call their organization the “Private Police,” and Kijima begins to work for Ôba. Now the Takegami gang waits a chance to seize the Ginza territory.