Sell Your Life 1966

A female zoology student saves a man whose life was so miserable as to choose to die and puts him on her test bed to make him a monster. She makes the monster take his father's revenge one by one. She is crushed to death under a huge building tore down by the monster.

A Ghost Story 1964

This is a horror movie in which a ghost, bearing a grudge, sleeps with a man in order to attain Buddha-hood.

Bride from the Grave 1963

A new groom becomes suspicious of his bride on the first night of their marriage. Seeing her go out of the room in the middle of the night, he follows her. The bride goes to a cemetery and drinks blood from a body she has exhumed. The bridegroom is so shocked that he dies of heart failure. His friends watch the bride's every move to find out the cause of his death. And they realize that she is a sleepwalker.

The Great Story of Jang-hwa and Hong-ryeon 1962

Bae's two daughters, Jang-hwa and Hong-ryeon, are abused to death by their stepmother. But Jang-hwa cannot just go away to the other world. She becomes a ghost, haunting the governor every night to help her take her revenge. The governor orders an investigation. Jang-hwa's stepmother finally confesses what she did and the governor punishes her.

The Iron-Eating Monster 1962

During the later years of Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), a talented martial artist is murdered. His resentment makes him born again as Bulgasari, a monster that grinds and eats up iron. The monster takes his revenge on the traitors responsible for his death.

A Flower of Evil 1961

A doctor of biology succeeds in making a flower of evil. He has dedicated long years to the research for revenge. When he orders, the flower drinks human blood and resumes its shape as a flower. He uses the flower to take his revenge.

Madam White Snake 1960

A thousand-year-old snake that has transformed itself into a human, Madame White Snake (Choe Eun-hui), falls in love with a young pharmacist named Heo-Seon. Although they encounter difficulties, they are wed, and their love for each other does not change. However, Beophaeseonsa (a Zen priest) and Gwaneumbosal (the Buddhist goddess of mercy) order Madame White Snake, who had transformed into human without being granted permission to do so, to return back to the world of the gods before July 7. Grieving, she prepares to say goodbye to her beloved husband. But before she can return to the world of the gods in time, she falls into a trap set by Dae-yun (Choe Sam), who is attracted to her. Because of the trap, she is not able to keep the promised deadline, and ends up risking her life to save her husband.

The Story of Janghwa and Hongryeon 1956

Jang-hwa and Hong-ryeon, the daughters of Bae the official governor, die of their stepmother's unfair maltreatment. Jang-hwa's ghost appears in front of a district judge every night begging for clarification of their deaths. The district judge lets the stepmother confess the cause of Jang-hwa's death, and then punishes her. It clears all enmity.

Mok-Dan Ghost Story 1947

It is a horror story about a virgin ghost with huge angst who sleeps with a man to enter Nirvana.

Mountain Monster 1931

The son and a daughter from very conservative families fall in love and when their parents oppose their relationship, the two come up with a scheme. The girl dies and her ghost appears in front of each family every night to beg for their parents' consents for their marriage. Frightened senseless, the parents decide to marry the son and the deceased daughter's ghost. On the day of the meeting, the numerous guests seem uneasy. But the bride who steps down the aisle is not a ghost - their daughter is still alive.

Three Beggars 1928

There is a town with a well called 'Bachelor's Well' after a young man dug the well and jumped in to kill himself when his love for a girl from a rich family ended miserably. The story is about a ferryboat rower, a bum with a limp, and many other men all fighting to get the love of one girl. Three beggars who die with grudges against this town appear every night as ghosts to haunt and curse their foes.

Oh My Ghost! 2006

A horror-comedy story, Oh my Ghost is about Trixie (Rufa Mae Quinto), a beautiful and sexy ad agency executive who focuses on her career and less of her love life. Even her best friend and partner in the agency, Alvin (Marvin Agustin), tries to make moves on her but just doesn't work. Meanwhile, three young egotistic guys - Dennis (Paolo Contis), Jeff (Carlos Agassi) and Buboy (Uma Khouny), meet Trixie in the gym who get so attracted and madly in love with her. Because of their arrogance and conceitedness, Trixie turns each one down that makes the three angry at her. To get even with her, they attempt to rape her that lead to a fatal accident. So sudden and untimely, Trixie's ghost cannot accept it and decides to take revenge. Horror-comic situations follow as she haunts the three to obtain justice.

Abnormal Experience: The Sixth Sense 2001

Yuki is a sought-after hooker, who also has a special ability: she can see ghosts! Yuki is very distraught by the ghost images, and it starts affecting her performance at work. One of the ghosts makes an attempt to communicate with her and ask her for help. Yuki tries to find out what he's attempting to say and assist him, with the hopes that this will allow her to stop being troubled by what she sees.

The Dollhouse 2004

Not long after Yoko and Arthur move into their new house, they notice that many strange things happen here. Yoko begins seeing ghosts and suspects that the house is haunted. Yoko enlists the help of a police detective, who knows the house has a dark, secret past.

Bit Parts 2007

A distraught plastic surgeon (Christopher Page) who blames himself for an automobile accident that severely disfigured his daughter (Michelle Angel) combs the streets of Los Angeles looking for the perfect features to rebuild her face. But there's a catch: He's taking noses, ears and breasts from women without their consent. Meanwhile, a beautiful girl (Molly Fix) has turned up missing, and her family is increasingly concerned

Bunyip 2015

Mika Collins wasn’t always a loner. But her shattered past has left the security operative cold and distant, unable to connect with the only friends she has left – her team at ThinkTanc Security. When her boss and former lover, Tanc Lorenzo, decides to take his staff on a team-building hike into remote country in the Blue Mountains, Mika must spend 48 hours in the constant company of the ThinkTanc team, without the sophisticated distractions of their urban existence. But when the team strays into the territory of a yet-undiscovered Australian predator, they will face a threat much more immediate than the tensions that brought them here in the first place. When darkness brings the disappearance of their leader, the group splinters, and it's up to Mika to identify the threat before the darkest force of nature destroys them all...

Curse of Halloween 2006

Several people are curse to die on Halloween night when they wake the Great Queen Pumpkin during a sacrifice. Now they must fight to survive Halloween Night when the Queen Pumpkin goes out on a killing spree. How many people must die on Halloween night before the Pumpkin is stopped?

Tras los visillos 2009

Martos wants to leave his dark past behind, so he undergoes cosmetic surgery to change his face. But his obsessive paranoia keeps him away from his main goal: the getaway.

Miss Leslie's Dolls 1973

Three attractive University students and their equally attractive teacher seek refuge in a house on a dark and stormy night. The house is occupied by the strange “Miss Leslie” and her strangely lifelike “dolls”.