Riven 2015

When Sara wipes the dust from an old mirror she can see much more than her own reflection...

Seething 2013

A found footage horror/thriller about strange happenings in an apartment block. Sounds familiar right? It is, but I assure you, this is not just another horror movie. We put our own spin on it as the same old formula is getting boring, it won't end predictably, nor will you see the film in the same way after watching it. For the best experience, watch in a dark room with headphones on.

Y te sacarán los ojos 2015

A young woman lives two different lives: an unassuming girl during the day and a seductive webcam girl at night. She's tried to keep her identities separate, but tonight might be when they finally come clashing together.

Three 2016

After a deadly and striking confrontation, a boy is sure he is being haunted and attacked by a dead former friend.

Dawn 1989

A Super-8 short film were demons follow a girl in her house, witch lead her to Madness, in a succession of nightmarish visions, until she let one of them enter her body into wound in her stomach. (available as a bonus on the dvd of Super-8 Madness)

Burp! 1986

A hooker is stranded at a bustop, and a man crashes his car next to a phonebooth there. The hooker is attacked by punks, but fends them off; the man is attacked by the phone, and doesn't fare as well.

I Love You So Much It's Killing Them 2016

A pitch-black comedy about Vivian, a lonely serial killer whose three loves in life are math, accounting, and killing random people. This all changes when she meets Alex, the man of her dreams.


Stranded in the suburbs, student filmmaker Chloe begins to make a documentary about her family's troubled past. Whilst filming, she and best friend Ed, witness an hysterical girl appearing to escape from a neighbour's house, only to be quickly dragged back inside again. Is she a recovering drug addict like the neighbours say? Or is she really in danger from those who claim to be caring for her? Chloe and Ed begin to run surveillance, but as they dig deeper, they find themselves caught up in a world of strange beliefs, old religions, and dark witchcraft. Their search for the truth will climax in a live webcast that will terrify and make those watching question the very authenticity of what they are seeing. Webcast is inspired by a wealth of films from both the horror and thriller genres, including Rear Window, The Wicker Man, The Blair Witch Project, Rosemary's Baby, Paranormal Activity, and Race with the Devil.

Voulez vous mourir avec moi ? 1987

Paris in autumn : They meet for the first time: Michèle, and Peter, a mysterious man from Canada. He approaches Michele and never leave, even tell her: " I'll kill you, my angel ..." . This is the begining of a love story that will lead them to tender and passionate excess, and for Michele, more and more threatening. It was only over time she realized what adventure she embarked by agreeing to play "cat and mouse". She will have to decide between life or her killer lover.

Pretty Body: Frankenstein's Love 1988

Izumi moves to an apartment near the shore. There is Dr. Takasaki's and his woman assistant Kyouko who are murdering peoples to create his Frankenstein monster. One day, Izumi goes to Dr. Takasaki's laboratory during his absence, and she meets the monster. Izumi falls in love with him. (jhmd.jp)

Angel of Light 1986

"Angel of Light" is the startling drama of a young woman’s search for her spiritual identity. A search that becomes a frightening journey where fantasy and reality are one, a true story.

Tyler Yahne's Slash

An existential slasher comedy about a couple who checks into a Michigan hotel visited by a serial killing maniac who attacks New Jersey residents there each year.

Wild Things 1982

In total solitude, surrounded by a rugged landscape and inaccecibles cliffs, lies the mansion Vanbeck. One day, Vanbeck decide to hire a governess, Emmanuelle. This, from the beginning, note a rare family atmosphere and sometimes, it is impossible to sleep believing feel footsteps at night, in the old part of the house where the room of Ms. located. Vanbeck, which it is very ill and never leaves the room.

Behind the Bush

Humiliation and violence punctuate the life of this broken man. The silence's his refuge, the perversion his outlet.

I Was a Teenage Mummy 1992

A demented exchange student kidnaps a beautiful goody two shoes. Together, they wreak havoc on the gang of merciless delinquents who made their lives hell.