Tee-Hee 1988

Animator Thomas Stellmach's first cartoon, produced at the Academy of Art in Kassel.

Peep and the Big Wide World 1988

Peep the chicken ventures out on an adventure into the Big Wide World and makes some friends along the way. Narrated by Peter Ustinov, this 1988 short film commissioned by the National Film Board of Canada comprises three short stories starring Peep the chicken, Quack the duck, and Chirp the Robin, and eventually served as the inspiration for an ongoing 2004 animated series.

The Album 1983

A young girl is glancing through a family photo album. Childhood memories come to life, still pictures start moving. Souvenirs become a metaphorical imaginary story about past and future.


A brilliant scientist travels through various dimensions and realms in search of his lost love.

Pies 1983

This animated film about blind prejudice is based on a short story by Canadian author Wilma Riley. Mrs. Cherwak is Polish and owns a cow. Mrs. Meuser is a German with entrenched notions of cleanliness. She does not appreciate the cow's inevitable by-product. The film describes their conflict and its curious resolution over coffee and mincemeat pie. While the author chose to write about the Germans and the Poles she grew up with on the outskirts of Regina, the situation she describes could apply anywhere in the world.

Dance of Death 1983

An animated satire on television violence, set in a world where the skeletal Don Death runs a popular variety show called “Dance of Death”.

School Super Girl Team 1991

Three girls, who have psychic powers, found a justice supporting group called the “Gakuen Choujotai” (Academy Super Girl Team). Psychokinesist Yumi, telepathist O-Kei, and Mai, who has superhuman strength. However, they are still inexperienced in using these powers. Meanwhile, a suspicious organization, the “Psychic Power Research Society” secretly works on a method to control the students` minds. The time has come for the Academy Super Girl Team.


The [film's] sequences are cross-sectional photographic scans of pieces of hardwood, burls and branches.