The Two Barbers 1944

A Terrytoons cartoon released 1 September 1944. All is peaceful and quiet in the town of Terrytown. There's a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker. The town also happily supports two barber shops, a big one for men and a little one under the floor for mice. All is cheerful until the appearance of a very mean, hungry old cat with big teeth and sharp claws! When one of the mice clips his whiskers, the cat runs back to the alley and gets more cats to come with him to clean out Terrytown. All looks doomed. The battles are furious. The mice are losing. Then a call goes out for the Champion of Justice. Mighty Mouse bounds to the rescue.

The Ghost Town 1944

A Terrytoons cartoon released 22 September 1944. Gandy Goose and Sour Puss are a couple of prospectors looking for a place to stay overnight. When a ghostly vulture eats their horse, they hole up in Ghost Town, named for its occupants, in this funny and scary Halloween cartoon.

Dear Old Switzerland 1944

A Terrytoons cartoon released 22 December 1944. Our tourist is taking in all the sights: the band playing on the snowy slope, goats harmonizing, skiers dancing on skis. But best of all, mice are shaving the Swiss cheese to run through the player piano to make the music. Dogs, pigs and ducks are all laughing, singing, playing and having a good time- until they get on a runaway snow sled...

Raiding the Raiders 1945

A colony of rabbits (and their newborns) is terrorized by a wake of marauding vultures (who fly around like bad enemy Second World War airplanes- even though they are supposed be an Indian tribe).

Fisherman's Luck 1945

Opening with a few painful punful examples of various types of fish...a sunfish 'sets' and a starfish 'comes out', Gandy Goose and his pal go deep-sea fishing with the intent to land one of the denizens of the deep, with no luck until a whale appears.

The Port of Missing Mice 1945

Shanghai Pete and his crew of pirate cats sail into San Francisco to kidnap sailors at the port for their crew. The mice sailors are unable to stop the assault from the buccaneers until a call is placed to Mighty Mouse at his headquarters at Telegraph Hill. The little superhero flies down and routs the villains.

Mother Goose Nightmare 1945

A Terrytoons cartoon released 11 May 1945. Gandy and Sourpuss take a trip to Mother Goose Land, where they meet the many famous characters who live there. But things aren't what they seem, and this trip winds up as a nightmare of epic proportions.

The Fox and the Duck 1945

A duck goes into the business of selling eggs, and has many prize egg-laying hens working for him. A fox tries to break up the business and burglarizes it. The duck goes to a dog, a pig and a fish looking for help against the fox, but they all choose not to get involved. So the duck takes matters into his own hands...or wings.

Swooning the Swooners 1945

Frankie, the skinny, crooning alley-cat, is serenading his fan-pack of female animals late at night, who are swooning off the fence in droves, but the homeowner trying to sleep is not impressed and he belts Frankie with a tomato and chases him away. Frankie's fans are upset and, as retribution for his act, the homeowner is kept awake all night by the singing of the fans.

Dr. Macintyre's X-Ray Cabinet 1909

Single shot of a man behind an x-ray screen on which his x-ray is clearly visible and moving. Another man sits on a chair to the right of the screen. The x-ray image that appears on screen is same as seen in last sequence Dr. Macintyre's X-Ray Film. (

Wots All th' Shootin' fer 1940

The cats of two feuding hillbilly families make for a Romeo and Julliet love affair. the gun play mounts in fury until they realize the two have kittens, and quarrel ends.

Svengali's Cat 1946

A hypnotist cat charms a sweet young mouse femme-fatale into luring all the mice in town into his cellar, with intent of eating them. But, with his super-senses hitting on all cylinders, the super-hero mouse, Mighty Mouse, zooms in and puts an end to the dastardly scheme.

The Perils of Pearl Pureheart 1949

In a burlesque of the silent-film serials, Oil Can Harry, the most evil of all evil cats, has wicked gleam-in-the-eyes designs on Pearl Pureheart, the cutest mouse in all of Micedon. She is subjected to all manners of torture and is saved through the heroic efforts of Mighty Mouse.