Skinfolks 1964

Woody is freezing and hungry, too. To get warm, he burns his furniture and begins to burn pages from the family album... till he comes across one of his Uncle Scrooge Woodpecker. He goes to visit Uncle Scrooge in hopes of a handout and finds his house guarded by 10 crocodiles. Even worse than the crocodiles is Uncle Scrooge.

Doctor Who: Lost in the Dark Dimension 2014

The future? The Earth is dying under the onslaught of industry, the polar caps are melting, the ozone layer is nearly destroyed... To save the planet, the Doctor must overcome the combined forces of some of the most feared of his old adversaries. But he must also confront a far greater enemy - one that has already reverted him to his Fourth Incarnation - in order to save both the past and future Doctors before they are taken out of time and cease to exist.

Ping Pong Rabbit 2016

With dreams bigger than his small stature, a rural rabbit named Robb hurls himself in pursuit of his province’s biggest prize, a storied ‘Jade Table’ awarded annually to the finest ping pong player in the land. Standing in his path is the fact that rabbits don’t play ping pong, and the province’s perennial champion is a ruthless monkey who uses the Jade Table to amass power and wealth, with no plans to relinquish either. Robb must prove that rabbits will no longer run scared, and that his improbable ping pong dreams will change not only his future, but also the fate of his entire province.

Angelina Ballerina - Lights, Camera, Action! 2003

Angelina, the remarkable prima ballerina mouse stars in 4 new adventures in Lights, Camera, Action! Re-released in a new handle box. Lights, Camera, Action! - When Angelina enters a movie-making contest she decides to make a weepy melodrama in which she plays the leading role. Needless to say, things don’t go according to plan. Anya’s Visit-When her friend Anya comes to stay Angelina is thrilled…until Anya becomes the centre of attention. A jealous Angelina hurts Anya's feelings and the two mouselings quarrel. Can their friendship be saved? Henry’s Halloween-It’s Halloween, and Henry is convinced he’s seen the fabled Chipping Cheddar witch in the village. No one believes him until he bravely saves Angelina and Alice from a scary encounter. Sammy’s Club-Sammy and his friends won’t let William join their downhill racer club. Until, that is, their racer falls apart and William’s father has just the thing to fix it.

The Mouse and the Lion 1953

The Lion, the King of the Jungle, is taking his royal snooze when a mouse comes on a safari to his royal hideaway. The mouse is from Bungling Brothers Circus [us], and his mission is to take HRH back to the states as a circus act. The mouse then goes about his business of capturing the lion. At the fadeout, back in the USA, the lion of performing on a precarious tight-rope, high above the arena sawdust, while the mouse whip lashes him.

The Secret Weapon 1963

This short begins with King-Size in conference with his financial minister when a coded message arrives warning of an planned invasion by cats from the Planet Feline (pronounced Fa Lean). A call for Space Mouse is dispatched, He appears in the conference room instantly. The king orders him to go to Feline, disguised as a cat, and destroy their rocket ship. Space Mouse chooses a Siamese cat disguise.. Before he leaves, though, King-Size hands him a pill telling him to swallow it if he gets into inescapable trouble. When Space Mouse wants to know what the pill will do, King Size claims all he knows is that all secret agents take along some kind of pill for emergencies.

The Goofy Gardener 1957

Hercules, a gardener employed at a ritzy estate lets nothing divert him from his gardening chores, and continues to perform them in the midst of a big, outdoor party being held on the grounds by the owner. Herman them blames the host for all the mistakes, mishaps and problems the guest have to endure.

Kittens' Mittens 1940

This cartoon deals with three kittens who are cruel and mean to an orphan kitty, but the mother cat adopts the little orphan, serves pie to all four kittens and all is well at the cat-house.

Flea for Two 1955

During a square dance, held on a dog's back, celebrating the upcoming marriage between a boy and girl flea, a city-slicker flea shows up and kidnaps the girl to the big-city. The boyfriend follows and rescues her from the villain's penthouse apartment.

Just a Little 2012

It's the first warm day of spring. Little Pig is feeling happy and decides to go for a swim. On the way she meets a hedgehog with too few prickles, a crow whose beak is too long, a green lamb and a little calf covered in white spots. None of them look quite 'normal'. They all set off with Little Pig to go swimming. They help out a turtle, who grants each of them a wish. But nothing turns out quite the way they planned.

Bear and the Bees 1961

It's springtime and Cupid is bringing romance into the lives of every woodland creature... except for Fatso the bear who "ain't got no romance in his soul." Cupid sets out to remedy this and shows Fatso a female bear, then injects him with about 50 love arrows. Fatso, now smitten, is determined to win her affection but his clumsiness threatens the relationship of the two, despite Cupid's advice. He dumps a trash can on her head, shoves a bouquet of flowers in her face, knocks her in the mud, dumps a beehive on her head, and knocks her into a cave. Finally, he succeeds in winning her with "the caveman routine" only to discover she has a family of kids he must now look after. Furious, he vengefully chases Cupid into the distance.

Pest Of The Show 1962

Doc, the freeloading cat, is painting a portrait of a ballet dancer using as a model homely, punch-drunk bulldog Champ, wearing an abbreviated skirt. Two alley cats, looking over a fence, see Champ in his attire and begin razzing him. Champ does a slow turn and starts after the cats and, in no time, the studio is a shambles. Doc sees an announcement of a dog show, the winner of which receives a $50,000 prize and a banquet. Desperately in need of money, Doc gets the idea of entering Champ in the upcoming show and begins grooming him. Doc gives Champ a bath, lessons in proper speech, walking with books balanced on head, and the proper attire.

Tin Can Concert 1961

Doc, a feline with musical talents, conducts an all-alley-cat symphony orchestra in a rendition of Giacomo Rossini's Cinderella overture. He enters the rehearsal hall and, with a touch of spring, is projected to the top of a grandfather clock that is the podium from which he directs the orchestra. A mouse is peacefully sleeping on his matchbox bed inside the clock, underneath the swinging pendulum. As Doc is directing the orchestra, he leans over and playfully lowers the pendulum so that the mouse is caught and swings with its motion. The band plays on. The mouse, now angry, endeavors to out-scream the band, but he's muffled by Doc.

Witty Kitty 1959

Two alley cats craving food decide to pull "the old raffle game". They enlist Doc to enter their raffle drawing (one) name out of a fish bowl. Being the only contestant, he naturally wins and is told his prize is a roast turkey and is given the whereabouts of the prize. Unfortunately, the turkey is in a refrigerator guarded by watchdog Cecil. Doc invents a number of ways to get past Cecil (sawing a hole around the fridge from the basement, feeding Cecil knockout drops, trying to catapult the fridge out of the kitchen), finally putting roller skates on Cecil enabling him to make off with the turkey. But he hasn't quite won yet...

Space Mouse 1959

Doc the cat tries to catch Hickory and Dickory, to sell to NASA as laboratory mice.

The Odd Bendick Show 2002

The Odd Bendick Show is an animated satiric short revolving around Odd Bendick, a tiny man from the outskirts of northern Norway. Odd Bendick hosts his own talk show from his grandmother's TV station DYSFUNK. He is reckless, cynical and willing to sell his soul for the best ratings.

Mouse Trapped 1959

Hickory and Dickory, the two mice, overhear a news report that all black cats will be exterminated because it is Friday the 13th. Doc, who is a black cat, is being hounded by the police. They try to "help" him but their attempts cause more harm than good (they tell him to hide in Cecil the bulldog's doghouse and inside a running dishwasher). When he discovers he's being given the "run-around", he tries to get his revenge on them (and on Cecil the bulldog) but all his attempts fail miserably.