Graphic Variations on Telidon 1979

"In an effort to explore the flexibility of Telidon, Canada's videotex system, Pierre Moretti, animation artist from the National Film Board, used, in the graphic mode, the geometric figures which form the basis for Telidon's picture description instructions. Thus he created this short animated film."

Underwater Blues 1981

Hand painted, scratched animated Super 8 film examining the contradictions of the psychopathology of colonization.

The Silver hoof 1977

An old man Kokovanya took to live to itself in a forest hut orphan Darenka. In the forest they saw an unusual goat who had a silver hoof. At what point will he stamped with his hoof — there will be a gemstone.

Kitty-Cat Fantasia 1991

"Shiro" is a black cat who loves her family very much. She loves them so much she wants to help them out in times of need and trouble…but it’s difficult to do this if she’s just a cat. So one night, she wishes on the moon to make her able to help, and the next day, she has turned into a human girl.

SF Saiyuuki Starzinger 1979

Princess Aurora, the only survivor of her planet destroyed by evil mutants, is resolved to put an end to the mutant menace in the galaxy along with three enhanced human cyborgs Jesse Dart, Porkos and Aramus, she travels space in the Cosmos Queen to the Dekkos System to fight the final battle.

A Wonderful Barrel 1983

It's spring outside, everything's blooming. Little Bear also plants an acorn to grow a barrel of honey. And he succeeds - but not quite well.

The Warrior Maiden 1974

One in a series of European folk tales, in the style of a medieval tapestry—with a feminist twist.

Curtain of the Pink 1987

Okuyama is a stocker at the supermarket who has no luck with women. His life is thrown upside down when his sister Noriko unexpectedly moves into his house. Okuyama is overcome with lustful thoughts for her, but she regards him simply as a brother.

The Elf and the Robot

The Elf and the Robot is the the magical tale of a mischievous little toy who escapes from his box before Christmas morning. How will Santa's little helper manage to get him back in?

Con su mismo corazón 1991

A critique of the unrestrained consumption on the island, the film portrays what happens to a couple who begins to fill each other with objects in place of love.