Babylas' Marriage 1921

The film is a delightful tale of a spoiled wedding between child's toys which shows Starewicz's typical style of making amusing films appropriate for children without much sentimentality. As in many of his other films, his daughter Nina plays the role of the child.

The Scarecrow 1921

A drunken gardener is challenged to a poker match by agents of the Devil; replete with location shots in Hades of the Devil giving orders to his agents on Earth.

Way Stations in Space 1960

This educational film explains how Earth-orbiting space platforms and lunar bases ("way stations") will serve a key role in the exploration of our solar system.

The Pirates of Tortuga - Under the Black Flag 2001

Three boys visit a museum and discover a golden bowl - part of a legendary Aztec treasure. While looking at the treasure they set off the secret of time traveling before they know it they are aboard a pirate ship in the 18th century. They meet the beautiful female pirate Anne Bonnie, and the evil and ruthless pirate of the Caribbean Capt. Blackbeard. They must help Anne Bonnie, keep Tortuga free and from the clutches of Capt. Blackbeard, save the island, Bonnie, and find their way back home.

The Figurehead 1953

A poem of unrequited love: the studio's first puppet production. Based on a poem by Cosbie Garstin, the film tells the story of a carved wooden saint who is painted to look like a soldier and used as a figurehead on a sailing ship. The ship sinks and the figurehead is saved by a beautiful mermaid who falls in love with him. Her love is not returned because despite his dashing looks he has the wooden heart of a saint.

Parents Take Hart 1953

Some rum parenting advice from the innovative Larkins Studio in this cinema commercial, based on the drawings of the much-loved Ronald Searle.

The Wardrobe 1958

Cartoon: a man takes off his shoes and climbs into a wardrobe, Another man appears, tries to communicate, and finally steps into a wardrobe; noises; the first man climbs out wearing another pair of shoes, leaving the second man with the old pair.

Fashion 1960

Experimental anime from animation pioneer Yoji Kuri from 1960.