A man must quit smoking because of his condition, but it's not so easy, as he thought before.

Lulú 1923

A monkey comes home and uses a magic wand to make himself dinner. No sooner as he falls asleep, a hungry burglar enters his house. This short film was made by Segundo de Chomón in 1923 in his private studio with the help of his wife and son, outside of any studio structure, and has never had a regular distribution.

Down Into Nothing 2013

Kaleidoscopic overlays... hand drawn animation with buildings rising and falling, Native Americans crying and highways being formed - among other things. 2013 Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee

Brain Lapse 2014

2014 from Jake Fried - Fractured identities reflecting against a panoramic vista. Hand-drawn animation with ink, white-out, coffee and collage

Hors-d'oeuvre 1960

A collection of one-minute cartoons produced by the National Film Board of Canada animators for government sponsors. Showcasing a playful selection of animation techniques, the clips include reminders about t4levision programs, traffic safety rules, and admonition from the Department of Labour.

Dear Angelica 2016

Developed by Oculus Story Studio, Dear Angelica is the story of Jessica, a teenage girl looking back on the stories her mom told her as a child. As she recreates these vivid landscapes in her mind, you’re pulled into the magical and dreamlike worlds of her memories.

Eden 2015

Korean illustrator Shinyoung Kim’s colourful take on the story of Adam and Eve, wonderfully matched to the sounds of Basenji’s “Dawn”.