The Ghost of Monk's Island 1966

Sailing too far from shore, the Robinson children are marooned on a deserted Island. Their fight for survival is hampered by mysterious events, and the even more mysterious 'Ghost of Monk's Island'.

The Hunch 1967

A pleasure cruiser is abandoned by all aboard and Ian, Janet and Harry, children of a trawler skipper go out in their launch to claim her. They are marooned on the cruiser by accident and saved by a rival trawler skipper.

Lionheart 1968

A lion escapes from a circus but is rescued and protected by a young boy.

Mischief 1969

Mischief' is the latest addition to a pony trekking stable. Davy looks after him during the school holidays and discovers that 'Mischief' was once a circus pony and reacts to the sound of music. This leads to incidents full of excitement and suspense.

Blind Man's Bluff 1977

The adventures of a boy and girl, who in company with a blind young man and his guide dog, track down the kidnappers of their friend.

Cry WoIf 1969

A highly imaginative boy involves his friends in a series of false alarms, with the result that nobody will come to his aid when he is involved in a dangerous situation.

Night Cargoes 1962

In the 19th century a group of children is mixed up in local smuggling thinking it is just an exciting game. But they find out how serious it is and help to round up the villains.

Nobuko Rides on a Cloud 1955

A little girl who falls into a lake and is saved by a god who then takes her up to the clouds and shows her what the world was like before she was born and what the world would be like if she where never born. While in the clouds she meets her grandparents and a few other people she loved who have passed on.

Padre nuestro 1953

Pops is dismissed from his banking job for embezzlement, and his family have to adjust to a more modest lifestyle.

The Treasure of Eagle Mountain 1995

Chad Keeler hates his father for abandoning him when he was a boy of 10. His father, Alonzo, has become a believer but doesn't know how to reach out to his son. To make matters worse, a group of gold-hungry thieves sets out to kill him for the treasure map that he determines to use as a peace offering with his son.

Counting Sheep 1981

A story about young girl Hanka who doesn't have parents and is forced to spend most of her time in a hospital bed.

Up in the Air 1969

Victorian schoolboy adventure. Freddie is sent away to a boarding school where he is very miserable and tries to escape in several instances. Finally the head of the school who made his life impossible is accused and taken away.